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I’m Destiny, Owner and Lead Ad Strategist here at McCart Media.

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A few facts to get to know me a bit:

- I unapologetically love me some Jesus 😊

- I am wife to an amazing husband, Jeremy, who is also the BEST father


- I have two super sweet, yet stinky teenage boys, that I home school (yep, I’m one of those!)

- I’m from New Orleans, but we currently live in the beautiful state of New Mexico

- I LOVE children, animals, coffee, baseball, writing, cooking, and…….

OKAY, OKAY….enough!

You’re here to see if you like what I have to say. I really hope you do, but if you don’t, that’s fine too, maybe I can direct you to another person you will “click with”……

That being said- let’s dig in.

I’ve been in the marketing and advertising realm for over 17 years now, and I’ve had my share of ups and downs with start-ups, and playing the trial and error game. After having my sons, my husband and I decided we would capitalize on our time with our sweet little family and I would stay home (which to me was work from home) and home school our kiddos to have the freedom to schedule our own lives, without government approval.

Sounds great right?!

Well, as a career-driven, corporate ladder climbing, prideful, stubborn, and independent woman, that just wasn’t cutting it for me. I NEEDED something that was MINE, to feel like I contributed more than JUST 24/7 care of our family in every aspect of their lives. (pfft…Mommin is HARD y’all!)

I was absolutely MISTAKEN. I was contributing more than we could ever bargain for, and it is a beautiful journey! I’m proud of my work I guess you can say ;) For what I call the little years of our boys’ lives I did stay home, and work from home with various small start-ups I was too afraid to scale, in fear of taking away from my family. But as time went on, I realized I was losing my vision for the future. My boys will grow up, they will move on…

So Jeremy and I started to work on our plan for when that time comes along…..

I rebranded. Peeled away years of doubt, discouragement, and fear of failure.

And BOOM! McCart Media was born!

In addition to my business (marketing and finance) degrees, I have trained with the best in the industry. I have heavily invested in mentorships and programs to further my knowledge and stay up to date with the ever-changing technologies that fuel marketing and advertising.

The clients we work with are people helping people. Not just trying to sell an illusion or (bad) product for a quick buck. We take pride in who we promote and partner with. Building a business relationship, nurturing growth, and ultimately scaling take time and a collaborative connection.

This is why our agency only works with no more than 5 clients a month. We invest in you; intense onboarding sessions with personalized attention, and we’re talking 1:1, direct communication. For more than just one call! We do not take money and run. We will not sign you on as a client if we do not feel we can help you.

No fluff, no hidden agenda.

No bro-marketing tactics.

If we’re going to be business besties, I have to believe in you just as much as you believe in me.

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Hope you enjoyed my spiel!😎Destiny

Here's What People Are Saying...

"I wanted to ensure my agency was running smoothly and thought it wouldn't hurt to have an extra pair of eyes to fine-tune my website, funnels, and ads. I couldn't be happier going with McCart Media. Destiny and her team really understood my concerns, wants, and needs and delivered without fail. Thank you so much for helping me and ensuring my agency is running smoothly."

~Katy, Media manager & Business Strategist

"Destiny was so quick to get back to me when reviewing my business website & funnel, she shined a light on areas of concern that were off my radar! Her tips saved me from possibly losing paying clients. Best of all her expert advice was delivered in a professional but down-to-earth manner. It was so comforting as a new business owner to have her personalized genuine care."

-Chealyn Rosette

"Destiny audited my website and funnel in great detail, she provided me with valuable feedback on how to improve my marketing strategy. She's very knowledgeable and willing to help educate on the technical details. I highly recommend Destiny, she is very personable and really cares about providing value for her clients. Her service is prompt, reliable, and professional, I will definitely work with her again."

Britney Hardman - Creative Marketing Strategist

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